Diane Shawe

Diane Shawe‘s most recent publication Is #Adult #Education Broken? #DianeShaweAuthor explores if adult education is shaping the poorest and unemployed for the jobs of the future. Thought provoking read for governments, educators and parents. Available from #amazonkindle


15 other Must-Own Books No Serious Educators or Entrepreneurs Should Ignore. Need help getting organized? Want to learn how to take a business into a global marketplace? Looking for ways to improve leadership skills? Then check out The Little Coffee Break Mindfeed eBooks from IQ 2 EQ by Diane Shawe.

This collection of eBooks exposes readers to new ideas and proven strategies, and each can be completed on a lunch break, over breakfast, or while enjoying a cup of coffee.According to author Diane Shawe, “The idea for the short, powerful eBooks came to my mind when I realized how often people need to brush up on topics, but do not always have time to sit down to read 200 pages. As a result, I have authored several short yet effective eBooks that get right to the point with tips and advice.”Readers from all across the globe have praised Diane for her eBooks, and the opportunity it gives them to learning new information or refreshing their memory quickly. And with topics ranging from stress management and problem solving, to public relations and networking, there is truly something for everyone.“I like the book,” said Amazon reader Candoar after finishing How to Become an Ace Networker for Your Business Mindfeed 23. “This book is no fluff stuff on the basics of networking.”There is no excuse not to learn new skills or to increase the understanding about topics that could help an individual in his personal and professional life. All it takes is a few minutes during a meal or while on a break.